Ennis Yoga Studio Classes

Yoga is a union – the union of body, breath and mind and although Brenda’s classes are multi-disciplinary in essence, calling on her background in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Yoga Medicine and Somatic Body Work her main focus always, is in guiding the practitioner to explore and find, that delicate space within, where integration or union can occur.

In each class Brenda threads together an intelligent sequence of postures that guide the practitioner through a flow of movements and postures, each one leading to the next, guided by the breath, that are safe and structurally aligned, functional and progressive in nature but fundamentally designed to guide the practitioner gently closer to themselves.

Brenda is an intuitive teacher and through years of experience has developed the skill of helping each individual meet themselves exactly where they are physically, mentally and emotionally.  And with gentle encouragement and insightful, corrective prompts, she is known to easefully and skilfully guide the practitioner to places of greater freedom and ease within themselves, on all levels.

Students generally finish Brenda’s classes feeling worked out and grounded, relaxed and released, physically, mentally and emotionally whilst spiritually feeling  more connected to themselves and to that still quiet space within.

Classes are suitable for everyone with variations offered for all levels and abilities.

Live Online Weekly Yoga Classes via Zoom

Classes are mixed level – suitable for all.

We combine a mixture of breathwork, movement, and relaxation.

Saturday: 8.00-9.15am

Pre Recorded Weekly Yoga Classes

Taken from a back catalogue of pre recorded yoga classes – recorded during our 2 years of lockdowns. A weekly yoga class dropped into your inbox each Sunday afternoon – these classes are broken down into 3 parts per class – warm-up/peak and wind down and can be practiced as 3 shorter individual sections or run together as a longer class (50-60 mins).

Each week we focus on a different theme or area and the classes can be practiced as often as you like in the quiet of your own time and space.

Studio Classes

I am so pleased to reopen The Ennis Yoga Studio for public classes in accordance with public health guidelines from July 2021!

Text / Call Brenda directly to book your place 086 150 9767 (places are limited as per government guidelines and will be booked on First come basis – a cancellation list will then be compiled!)


The Ennis Yoga Studio


I lie on my mat with my eyes closed and it is as if I am transported back into my second home in The Ennis Yoga Studio. I have been attending Brendas classes for over a decade and feel so grateful that the balance and grounding I achieved in live classes continued through her presence on zoom. Practicing consistently and guided by the virtual presence of my yoga teacher and friend I have been able to create my own safe space and yet feel completely connected to our beautiful yoga community.
– Sam

“The pre recorded classes are a perfect option for me as it means I can practice anytime that suits me and use the content as I want , whether it’s to pause, rewind or repeat a particular sequence. Brenda is an intuitive teacher who offers strength building ,restorative and practical yoga teachings. Weekly classes are offered in 3 video segments which can be done as a full sequence or a short practice in its own right- depending on your own energy levels. I always feel grounded and revitalised after these classes and the benefits of being more conscious of my posture and breathing carries me through until the next class is sent to me. Sound and quality of the classes is also very good. These classes are suitable for all levels and I hope they can continue beyond Covid lockdowns as I am not within traveling distance of The Ennis Yoga Studio.”
– Joanne